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Project INVEST

Promoted by the Government of the United States, through the Federal Agency USAID (United States Agency for International Development), INVEST is part of the broader American program ‘USAID’s Covid-19 Response in Italy’, with which the United States has decided to support Italy and the most promising Italian companies, with a total allocation of 50 million dollars, to face the pandemic, both from a health point of view, and to support civil society and the private sector.

Specifically, INVEST intends to unlock the potential of the Italian private sector by making available a total amount of 10 million dollars to support Italian companies that ‘have launched or intend to launch research, development and production projects of therapies, vaccines, equipment and medical supplies aimed at facing the pandemic.

The company Roncucci & Partners, presenter of the project, has selected Omnidermal Biomedics among the 25 Italian companies – selected from a database of over 400 national realities – that during the lockdown have expanded, enhanced or reconverted their production and have therefore actively demonstrated to combat the emergency.


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