CE mark of the emergency mechanical ventilator ABU

We are thrilled to announce that Omnidermal Biomedics s.r.l. and PBL Srl have received the clearance for the commercialization of the new Emergency Ventilator ABU (Automatic Breathing Unit) within the European Union territory. ABU has been developed to address the critical global shortage of mechanical ventilators. ABU provides both forced ventilation (in case of intubated patients) and, if used in trigger mode, assisted ventilation for the weaning of extubated patients (weaning post ards), facilitating them in getting used to normal breathing. Omnidermal Biomedics s.r.l. and PBL Srl thank Invitalia for the support and, today, thery are we are thrilled to announce readiness to deliver this new ventilator to the Italian and foreign hospitals in need of emergency ventilators. We are grateful to the healthcare professionals, engineering team and the notified body IMQ S.p.A. who have worked tirelessly in these past months.


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