We Win.

OMNIDERMAL wins two funding calls for innovation

The #innovative Wound Viewer technology, designed and developed by Omnidermal Biomedics, has recently been awarded by two prestigious grants: Brevetti + Invitalia and Bando SC-UP Finpiemonte S.p.A..Brevetti+ is a public grant promoted by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development and carried by Invitalia; this grant aims at valorizing and sustaining in terms of productivity, growth, and profitability the development of innovative patents. In the same way, Finpiemonte’s Bando SC-UP supports the implementation of investment and development programs by innovative start-ups that have passed the initial exploration / first start and have the potential to make a rapid and significant market penetration. The important results obtained underline Omnidermal’s ability to design and implement cutting-edge #telemedical solutions to reduce the distance between patient and healthcare workers, to ensure the highest quality even at home.Omnidermal Biomedics is honored and pleased to announce these awards, which will help the company expand its #WoundViewer technology to wider pathological conditions and place it in a leading position in the demanding and evolving dermatological market.

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