Covid-19 funding call: ABU mechanical ventilator

Omnidermal Biomedics is strongly grateful to announce the award of the Emilia Romagna funding call to support research and innovation projects for the development of solutions aimed at contrasting of the COVID-19 epidemic. This grant was created to promote open...

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OMNIDERMAL wins two funding calls for innovation

The #innovative Wound Viewer technology, designed and developed by Omnidermal Biomedics, has recently been awarded by two prestigious grants: Brevetti + Invitalia and Bando SC-UP Finpiemonte S.p.A..Brevetti+ is a public grant promoted by the Italian Ministry of...

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Cura Italia Funding Call: ABU mechanical ventilator

Omnidermal Biomedics and PBL srl, combining the skills of mechanical design in the pharmaceutical field and the development of innovative solutions in the medical field, have developed a medical device for the mechanical ventilation of patients suffering from...

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